Won't It Be So Fun?


By Steve Cooper


I used to get lost looking into that little world of busy ants.  My imagination would carry me right through the clear plastic walls and I would be one with the ants.    Okay, these were rather short fantasies because it all seemed sort of creepy to me.  But I'm sure there are millions of children who stared into that world in wonder, wishing they could live there.  I know there were because these children all grew up to be liberals.


Now, at last, Obama, with the help of all of his millions of friends out there with their "ant farm envy"  are going to finally live out their liberal fantasies and they are taking us along with them.


They see ant farms as wonderful because the keeper always makes sure you have food and water. Liberals like Obama because he is working really hard to do this for us too!  He's printing money for us as fast as he can and doling it out to all sorts of people.


My little ant farm had clear plastic on both sides so I could watch everything the ants were doing. Obama's ant farm will let the government watch us too. Governments that redistribute wealth always have to watch everyone carefully because hard working people try to get sneaky and not share with those who won't work.


Obama even said he's going to build us a civilian army. This will come in handy for those silly ants who don't know how good they have it on the farm and want their freedom back. He's also working to help us get rid of all the nasty guns. This must be done before we can regulate people's speech. Ant farms don't work well with unless everybody thinks the same and does as they are told. It's hard to be boss when the ants have guns.


When the people who work really hard and make a lot of money start getting mad at Obama for not letting them keep what they earned, they WILL stop producing. Workers who get little return out of their efforts tend to slow down. That's why, in the old South, the slaves had to be beaten. Obama will have to get mad and make us work hard so everyone can be equal.

Don't worry, Obama is good at being strong. He was the only Senator who stood up and opposed any bills that would limit partial birth abortions. He also tried to stop legislation that required doctors to try to save the life of aborted babies who had survived the procedure. Obama wanted the doctors to be able to allow the babies who were accidentally born alive to just sit there and die. He still is on the side of Planned Parenthood despite the horrible videos. If he can be this tough on kids who are just trying to be born, what would he not do to those silly ants who resist him?


Obama is also supporting laws that would force good people who work in the medical field to help perform abortions even when they know it is murder. Obama wants us to be equal in every way; even in being evil.


If you want to know a dirty little secret, there was a fantasy that was kind of fun when I looked into my ant farm. It was a little creepy too, but kind of a fun creepy. i used to pretend that i was the god of those little ants. Sometimes I just couldn't resist giving that ant farm a little shake, just because I could. I'm the only kid in the world I am sure who ever pretended anything like this. So I am also sure we don't have to worry about Obama or any of the heads of the ant farm taking advantage of their positions.


If you want to live on Obama's ant farm, just do nothing and it will come.  In this article I asked the question, what would a man like Obama not do? This is not a political or social battle; it is simply good versus evil.

I now ask, what will such a nation as the one who elected Obama and continues to tolerate his leadership, not do?  Is there a line where we will say we cannot do this?  Is there any real resistance left to evil in America?  I believe there is. I believe we can awaken the millions who love the American vision and they will pull down the blinders of the masses and thereby pull down the world of the liberal elite. But we have to actually do it. Proverbs says, The hand of the diligent will rule.  Not the good, but the diligent. They have been the diligent ones until now.


Samuel Adams - If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.



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It's the ticket

out of the ant farm.


Of Mother and Country and Things to  Come

By Steve Cooper


I loved my mother dearly and alway thought she was the smartest and most beautiful lady around, because she was. My mother had grown up fast, leaving her home at eleven to escape an evil step-father, who was one of the heads of the KKK.  His thoughts on good family discipline involved chaining a young step-son out on the front porch like a dog,


My mom and her younger sister and brothers were abandoned, so she packed them up and found a job as a taxi dispatcher, living in a rat infested upper room above the taxi garage..


Older brothers took in her younger family members, but my mom decided to make her way to California from Missouri, She took a Greyhound bus here and landed work, plucking chickens and serving tables.  She was very tough, but not the hard kind of tough. She understood kindness, from the lack of it, I guess, and gave it out freely.


My mother had picked up smoking at ten or so and never got around to kicking the habit. As a child I saw a piece of lung preserved from a smoker at a health exhibit.  I was shocked and began to beg my mother to quit smoking.


When i was about ten, I poured out my concerns to her.  I told her that she could smoke now and nothing bad would happen to her because she was young. But i said, "Some day you are going to be older and if you don't quit smoking now, when you are older you will be in a hospital bed dieing,


I added that  my sister and i would be grown up by then and have kids and that we will all be gathered around her, but it would be too late.  I told my mom, "You will want to live, but you won't be able to; explaining that my grandmother and grandfather were old, but they still want to live, I pleaded, "Just quit smoking now and none of this will happen to you."


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