A Simple Solution to Islamic Jihad


By Steve Cooper


Politicians make things way too complicated. They spend billions of our dollars and waste tens of thousands of our soldiers lives to get what?  The mess in the Middle East grows bigger and the enemy more powerful every day.


But here is a solution that is simple and we don't need a single soldier.  It is a reliable solution because it was garnered off of the main news networks of America; CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.


The first premise garnered thusly is that Islam is a religion of peace with only a few, about 10%, who have any tendencies to kill us for our beliefs or lifestyles. Okay, with 1, 570,000,000 Muslims, 10% is  still a lot of terrorists.


But let's look at the cup as half full, or in this case, 90% full.  We have 90% who want no part of all this throat cutting, rape, torture and pillaging foolishness,  This brings up the obvious question, why are the wholesome and good, love-everybody, 90% group getting shoved around by the evil 10%?


It reminds me of the old Westerns I used to love as a a kid, where the town hides and cowers because a few men come riding their horses through town, shooting up in the air.  Even as a kid that made no sense.  The only possibilities would be that either all of the people in the town were cowards, or nobody in town had a gun; as in, Obama was sheriff.


Are all the 90% Muslim group cowards?  I doubt it. So the obvious solution, you are probably already ahead of me on this it is so simple, is to give every Muslim in the world  a gun and some ammo.  Yup, the 10%ers will fear even getting out of bed in the morning.


We don't have to arm a single Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or atheists.  As soon as those nasty 10% ers go near them, the pure hearted 90%ers will rise up with their guns and back down the 10%ers. It will, at last, be peace in the Middle East by simply tapping into the religion of peace.


It will surely work just as well, and for the same reasons, as bringing the right to vote to the Palestinians created an area of peace and harmony as the 90%ers voted in loving and tender hearted leaders to rule over them. I garnered that fact from the network news too.


I expect I may get the Nobel Peace Prize for this.



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