Obama Wants to Keep Us "Safe" by Banning Guns,

but then

Grants Nuclear Weapons for Iran


By Steve Cooper


The old saying was, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."  I can live with that. Sometimes outlaws are kind of cool. But I can't live, and I mean this literally, with Iran having nuclear bombs.  I used to wonder why Ahmadinejad would scream out his plans to destroy Israel for all to hear.  If this is your goal, shouldn't one just pretend to love everyone so the world doesn't get jittery when you start developing nuclear capabilities?


But Ahmadinejad is not as stupid as he sounds.  He rattles his future atomic sword against Israel, shouting out his obsession with killing them.  What does this do? It turns out the nations of the world kind of think, "Oh well, it's just the Jews."  Hasn't the world done this with the Jews before? Rather recently actually.


So Iran screams out how they are really going to blast Israel as soon as they get their hands on some of those mushroom makers. Yes sir, they hate those Jews so much that they are going to use every last nuclear bomb they make to wipe them off the face of the Earth for good! But is Israel all that great of a strategic target for a religion that wants to take over the world.  What is Israel really?


Before Israel became a nation again, it was a wasteland dessert and a place where few really wanted to live.   Israel is not strategic to world domination.  Ask yourself, if you wanted to take over the  world and had some nice new atomic bombs, is Israel the first place you would nuke?  They can use the bombs to destroy the economies of America and Europe, then take Israel as an afterthought.


Why is Obama helping Iran to get nuclear bombs?


Former CIA agent Clare Lopez has connected the dots and drawn a very terrifying picture. She has worked for the CIA for over twenty years, in the field and in training special forces. Her conclusion, which might have sounded crazy in Obama's first term, is that Obama has caused America to "switch sides in the war on terror."


Is this plausible?  Recently it came to light that the Iranians made death threats to any who gave out the details of the agreement Obama was making with Iran. This threat was against those who would take the details to Congress or to anyone else.  There is much that can assure us that Obama's indoctrination into Islam as a child has held the test of time. It is all so hideously insane.  Obama is not alone in this. Some may have different goals, but they hold in common the destruction of our freedoms to establish a new world that is ruled from top down.


On 9-11 the controls on the planes were taken over by enemies of America to bring death to all aboard and great destruction on the ground. We now have enemies of America at the controls of America; enemies who have been given control of our future and our nation. They are not going to want to see another election.    They have come so far; almost there.  They need an excuse for martial law through a monetary crisis or military; both of which they have the power to manufacture.  We have to remove these people from office now,


To deal with people who will lie, cheat, cut off heads and dissect humans alive to achieve their religious goal of subjecting the human race, is itself insanity.  What can they say that we should trust?


Poke the porcupine to read -

The emerging Iran nuclear deal raises major concerns. The Washington Post



By Royce Dunn, founder of Life-Chain


Many readers have seen the barbaric face of abortion revealed through the Center for Medical Progress' undercover videos. Therein fetal body parts are displayed and assessed for marketing by Planned Parenthood medical directors.


True to biblical principle, "The wicked are snared by their own handiwork," and Planned Parenthood's legendary lies self-destruct when such barbarism as cutting open a child's face to "harvest" its brain is discussed.


Other evidence discloses  Planned Parenthood's extension of fetal life to maintain the "quality" (and price) of  the child's body parts. Brutality like unto ISIS atrocities has inhabited American abortuaries for decades, with broad public accommodation.


 Elsewhere I wrote recently: "As pro-life servant Flip Benham observed, 'it takes a village' duly unified to ravage innocent humanity when vile, unjust killing is deemed 'legal.' Law enforcement must agree to protect the killer and to disenable defenders who directly interfere, however honorably, with the brutalization of defenseless, lawful citizens.


Health departments, school systems, elected officials, and civic organizations must find the killing either tolerable or praiseworthy. The adult citizenry  (about 70% of the village residents) must do likewise. And, woefully, the preborns' last line of defense, the village church, must submit sufficiently to the 'powers and principalities' of Ephesians 6 and allow unbiblical priorities to lure its duty and influence into years of d├ętente with the spiritual forces that create and sustain holocausts.


True to Edmund Burke, the horrendous villainy inflicted on the village preborns endures because the inaction of 'good people' shields it."

 If truth be known, abortions (surgical and chemical) have likely killed well over 100 million American preborns, including over 1,000 Yuba-Sutter children annually. Yes,  "it takes a village" with egregious conformity to garner that record.


 As for the videos, God was the producer because Pro-life could never have purchased ad time to unveil abortion's true face on world-wide television. But the videos expose more than blood money. They expose to church and nation what our peaceful coexistence with unspeakable injustice has wrought on our watch.


Can nothing short of catastrophic retribution persuade us to weigh the bitter fruit of our apathy and the depth of our shame?  Must we wait until malevolent weaponry or its equivalent unmercifully impacts our families and national security? Will we continue to ignore how God ended U.S. slavery(and continue to sustain a graver institutional evil?

 Will we?