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Vatican City Times

Pope to Live Out His Call for Peace

 as Example to the World


The Holy See's call for peace in the world has challenged the leaders of many nations. He has asked for the lifting of borders and has gone so far as to say, at a speech in Turin Italy, "People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christians".  During this speech Pope Francis spoke a great deal about entering into a time of trust and stated that "duplicity is the currency of today...they say one thing and do another. " Pope Francis's cry to lay aside wealth and tend to the homeless and poor echoes the globe. With the Pope asking humanity to enter  into an era of trust and mutual respect, it seemed fitting to the Holy See to exemplify his teachings; to not, "say one thing and do another."


Today, in a dramatic announcement, Pope Francis revealed his plans to pave the way for this era of trust by traveling through Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran in an open-top vehicle.  He will have no guards and has asked that no armed security be provided by the governments of these countries. At home he has already implemented this new era of weapons ban by repositioning all Vatican guards as gardeners and ordering the vast store of weapons destroyed.


To divest himself of any shred of hypocrisy from his oratory shaming the wealthy of the world, while away on this journey, Pope Francis has turned over control of the bank accounts and the entire wealth of the Vatican to a homeless man, named Bernie, he met while visiting a nearby shelter.   In a separate announcement, with the new open border policy in effect, Vatican tours will now be at the whim and whimsy of tourists, 24/7.


There has been immediate criticism of the Pope by many for not living up to his call for reduced emissions to stop global warming and they are demanding that he not take an automobile on this journey due to what that would symbolize to the world.  It is said that the Pope's aids are now frantically searching for a horse and buggy for the journey of his Holiness.  PETA is outraged!



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