When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns - Case in Point; Our Schools


By Steve Cooper


With more religious fervor than the average Christian, the liberals hold true to their banning of evil firearms.


Liberals consider armed security on the campus to be the greatest sacrilege. The schools are the liberal's holy ground; guns shalt not enter. They can live with the human sacrifice this idiocy brings.


Despite the madmen running around slaughtering their fellow students, they hold true. No  matter how big the carnage, the  loss, the suffering, those on the left faithfully observe their religion of the unholy relic; guns.  Of course, liberals, such as Rosie O'Donnell  get a pass.  She and and many other famous liberals have armed guards around them all the  time, but they are super special. Your children are not.


On our school campuses we have a place where guns are truly outlawed. When was the last time you read of a person going to a school to commit mass murder, only to be met with armed resistance?  It s the perfect haunt for these evil destroyers. They know well that where guns are outlawed, only they, an outlaw will have a gun. Quite the attraction for a sick mind.


In my youth, across America, young people brought guns to school for marksmanship classes. They kept them in their  lockers and nobody thought a thing about the fact that they walked freely about with guns.  Back then it was totally unthinkable to just start shooting your friends for fun.  So what happened?


Look at the new, "hand that rocks the cradle,.  It is made up of, TV, movies, the music industry and MTV.  For the most part, these are dominated by liberals who have defiled the hearts and minds of our children with obscene visions of blood and gore.  Away from the movie theaters and the TV screens, our children also get a taste of pulling the trigger with their video games. Here they shoot people as they cry out in pain and fall down in a pool of blood. When their character returns to the scene of the murder, the dead body now has flies buzzing around. What a way to raise a child. But yet, the liberals cry out, ban guns!



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