The Apparition

 By Steve Cooper

 At first I caught glimpses of it out of the corner of my eye as I busied myself with other concerns; thinking perhaps it was all my imagination. At the time I was only around eleven, so there was not much experience to gauge this looming apparition.  Life was good back then,  I only knew one friend whose parents were divorced and I had never heard of daycare for children.  The Ford Mustang had just been introduced and The Twilight Zone was the wildest thing on TV.


But it was a little later, as a teenager in the late 60s, that I realized there really was something there.  I could just begin to see its general form.  There was the hippie movement going on, so something was obviously taking shape.  At this time I thought what was forming was perhaps a sociological creature. A bit later, in the early 70s, as the apparition eased itself closer and began to fill in, I began to realize it was also a political animal.


But now very important details have been rapidly filling themselves in and I am understanding the form and nature of this apparition. To some, the apparition became clear when Obama told Israel that they should abandon all lands to the indefensible, pre-1967 lines.  This was America handing Israel a wooden bar of soap and telling them to “hit the showers.”  It would have been carnage. Something had gone wrong with America.


With the recent videos about Planned Parenthood, even the dimmest of sight can now see what was emerging all those years.  It is the face of evil. All questions about where life begins are hollow; these are babies…this is murder… grotesque, cruel murder.   If one were to video tape killing a puppy in this way and place the video on YouTube, you would go to jail for quite a while. So here we are.  America's apparition has made itself known.


What will evil do?  What it has always done to societies throughout history when allowed to fully form. What will we do?  Or more importantly, what will you do, since you are not in charge of the “we.” What will you do?  Perhaps you are already fully engaged in rescuing the next generation from this looming nightmare. If so, kindly disregard this message. If this isn't the case, you have some choices too make. You could ignore all of this downer talk and keep watching sports and your favorite sitcoms.  You could, but you would pay, as will your children, friends...everyone. Life let’s us choose any path we like, but it has never allowed us to choose the outcomes for those paths; the choices have their own destiny, written within their DNA.


 If you decide you can turn off the TV, divest yourself of the non-essentials and get ready to fight for our children's future; I have a book for you. It is the Christian Guide to Dragon Slaying and It will tell you what it will take to win,  I am not making any money off of it because, right now, it is for free.


This is not a fun book. You will not get warm fuzzies or a tingle down your spine, but you will find within yourself the heart of a warrior, The Bible tells us that the angels take part in warfare all the time in the spiritual side of the universe, are you then exempt?


We are not talking about swinging swords, but you have descended from a long line of warriors, or you would have never made it here. Turn off your TV and let God show you what He has created in you. You will find joy that no TV show can replicate.


 It doesn't matter who you are or how you have lived your life, for the sake of freedom and our children's future, just remember who you are.



How do you reclaim a nation?

Order The Christian Guide to Dragon Slaying

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