If we are to “Trek” around the stars our children must first be taught that the earth goes around the sun!


By Steve Cooper   Photo - CBS Studios


If we Americans want to one day navigate the cosmos, our children will need to comprehend such surprising bits of knowledge such as the fact that the earth goes around the sun once a year.


You didn’t find this surprising? Well, 51% of high school students were taken aback by this amazing bit of knowledge; knowledge that Galileo discovered and fought to explain to the world over half a millennium ago.


As it stands now 50% of every computer and engineering Ph.D. in the U.S. goes to non-resident foreign students.  Of the remaining 50%, half are recent immigrants. Only 25% of the Ph.D. degrees go to native born U.S. citizens.


A few years back California was forced to relax its immigration laws so that Silicon Valley could import the necessary educated minds to continue doing business.


The national “Assessment of Educational Progress Test” showed a majority of High School students did not know when the Civil War took place, never heard of the Great Society,  War of 1812, Patrick Henry, or Thomas Paine.


The understanding of most high school students, in many areas of study, is less than the body of knowledge known to the world in the 1600s.


So what can we do about this?


Many of the problems in education came about because the N.E.A. has taken over our public schools with a social agenda that is against the vision the founders of our nation fought and died to achieve.


Their activist programs have taught our children to feel great emotions over their causes, but have left them the most ignorant students of all developed nations.  Their political power has also brought about policies that have given us the most ignorant teachers in the developed nations. The average U.S. teacher comes from the bottom 1/3 of their class, and scores 52 points below average on the SAT tests.


In 1998 the state of Massachusetts decided to begin testing newly certified teachers to make sure they had achieved at least an eleventh grade understanding. The test was failed by 59% of the teachers.  Even after studying for the re-exam only an additional 8% were able to pass the test.


There are many very capable teachers, but statistically there are many more who should not be teaching our children. The current body of teachers are now entrenched due to tenure, giving us little hope for improving the quality of education through the public school system within the next 20 years, even if we changed hiring practices now.


One solution is home schooling.  Usually this works very well, but sometimes it doesn’t.  I have seen children home-schooled by parents whose ignorance was as vast as their hearts were distorted.  Home schooling meant that these children were forced to grow and develop only in the toxic by-products of degenerate minds.


The best solution is perhaps a co-op school where parents volunteer to teach on a rotating basis with plenty of interactive educational software.  Ideally there would be at least one  full time teacher to oversee things, selected for her or his creative mind and deep understanding.


America’s children are brilliant, inventive and full of wonder, but the schools  are holding them back. We can once again push the boundary between dreams and reality in America, but we must first rescue our children from the NEA.  Then we can move on to “go where no man has gone before.”


In our next edition we will go into Common Core, which I believe is short for Communist Core.



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