By Royce Dunn, founder of Life-Chain


Many readers have seen the barbaric face of abortion revealed through the Center for Medical Progress' undercover videos. Therein fetal body parts are displayed and assessed for marketing by Planned Parenthood medical directors.


True to biblical principle, "The wicked are snared by their own handiwork," and Planned Parenthood's legendary lies self-destruct when such barbarism as cutting open a child's face to "harvest" its brain is discussed.


Other evidence discloses  Planned Parenthood's extension of fetal life to maintain the "quality" (and price) of  the child's body parts. Brutality like unto ISIS atrocities has inhabited American abortuaries for decades, with broad public accommodation.


 Elsewhere I wrote recently: "As pro-life servant Flip Benham observed, 'it takes a village' duly unified to ravage innocent humanity when vile, unjust killing is deemed 'legal.' Law enforcement must agree to protect the killer and to disenable defenders who directly interfere, however honorably, with the brutalization of defenseless, lawful citizens.


Health departments, school systems, elected officials, and civic organizations must find the killing either tolerable or praiseworthy. The adult citizenry  (about 70% of the village residents) must do likewise. And, woefully, the preborns' last line of defense, the village church, must submit sufficiently to the 'powers and principalities' of Ephesians 6 and allow unbiblical priorities to lure its duty and influence into years of d├ętente with the spiritual forces that create and sustain holocausts.


True to Edmund Burke, the horrendous villainy inflicted on the village preborns endures because the inaction of 'good people' shields it."

 If truth be known, abortions (surgical and chemical) have likely killed well over 100 million American preborns, including over 1,000 Yuba-Sutter children annually. Yes,  "it takes a village" with egregious conformity to garner that record.


 As for the videos, God was the producer because Pro-life could never have purchased ad time to unveil abortion's true face on world-wide television. But the videos expose more than blood money. They expose to church and nation what our peaceful coexistence with unspeakable injustice has wrought on our watch.


Can nothing short of catastrophic retribution persuade us to weigh the bitter fruit of our apathy and the depth of our shame?  Must we wait until malevolent weaponry or its equivalent unmercifully impacts our families and national security? Will we continue to ignore how God ended U.S. slavery(and continue to sustain a graver institutional evil?

 Will we?


How do you reclaim a nation?

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